A career in architecture was something Robert Harrington always planned to pursue. He worked in architectural offices whilst on school holidays and redesigned the space he lived in many times over. Soon after graduation he shot off to work with the best overseas.

The Sydney based firm of Harrington Associates has been in operation for more than 25 years. Robert Harrington’s designs are based on the rationality of classic modernism but adapted to be sensitive to local conditions, architectural styles and client requirements. The client is one of the most important influences in his approach. “Understanding the client’s need is paramount to the final solution”. So he listens to the client, fulfils their needs and strives to exceed their expectations.

He endeavours to create architectural solutions that will endure and not be a fad today and a fizz tomorrow.  “Experimenting with the client’s money is in the past.” Today the mood is less experimental. With vast experience and a very professional approach he is creating solutions to stand the test of time.

Architecture is not like the clothing industry that produces fashion for a short time then it fades. Architecture needs to look good beyond the day it is built. There is no substitute for experience to achieve this.  With many years of practice in Sydney and overseas, Robert Harrington has that experience.